EmbraceRTI to EmbraceMTSS™

embraceMTSS@2x-1EmbraceRTI has been renamed and rewritten to EmbraceMTSS™! Just as the RTI process needed to incorporate a more comprehensive approach, so must the software for documenting student data. By creating a more flexible data-entry process and a more personalized interface, EmbraceMTSS™ allows educators to record and report data for the whole student more efficiently than ever before!

For more information, please contact Embrace® at (888) 437-9326, email success@EmbraceEducation.com or visit the Embrace® website at www.EmbraceEducation.com.

Embrace® is committed to providing high quality, easy-to-use software, allowing educators to maximize their time in the classroom. We currently work with over 875 school districts in six states and continue to deliver the outstanding customer support and quality software that has enabled us to boast a 99% client retention rate.

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