Embrace® Is Recognized by Forbes!

Embrace® was recognized by Forbes for our efficient & customizable IEP writing software! 

"One of the best approaches to reducing the paperwork load is to invest in IEP writing software. These programs can populate into a document a list of suggested goals for a student. Many also allow teachers to share documents with each other — a helpful feature if students are working with more than one teacher. The software also allows for the quick creation of the complex reports that IDEA legislation requires... Embrace IEP, which helps teachers create efficient reports tailored to their state’s requirements."

For more information, please contact Embrace® at (888) 437-9326, email success@EmbraceEducation.com or visit the Embrace® website at www.EmbraceEducation.com.

Embrace® is committed to providing high quality, easy-to-use software, allowing educators to maximize their time in the classroom. We currently work with over 875 school districts in six states and continue to deliver the outstanding customer support and quality software that has enabled us to boast a 99% client retention rate.

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