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School-Based Strategies for Medicaid Outreach

  Illinois Medicaid Outreach Strategies


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Tips for Principals: The Evaluation Experience

Public school principals have one of the most intensive and time-demanding jobs. One of the principal’s many duties[...]

Classroom Comprehension Strategies

Reading disabilities have been defined as a specific, brain-based difficulty in learning to identify and interpret[...]

School Medicaid Funding

Many districts utilize Medicaid funds to help provide medically-necessary services to students in the school[...]

Grant Writing Tips

When an educator is looking to expand or become more innovative in their classroom, they often look to grants for[...]

Medicaid Billing for Health Aides & Special Transportation

Illinois Special Transportation Services Claims

Music in Classrooms

Music is a very influential tool in the educational environment. Learning how to play an instrument can improve fine[...]

Principals Drive Improvement

October was National Principals Month, celebrating principals across the country. School districts used the hashtag [...]

Physical Activity for Special Needs Students

Physical activity is as beneficial for special needs students as it is for any child, so inspiring children of all[...]

Maximizing Medicaid Revenues

Illinois Medicaid Administrative Claim Process

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